WWII Russian SVT-40 Tokarev Tula 7.62x54R SVT40 Semi-Automatic Rifle C&R

SOLD FOR: $2525

LSB#: 230530JB002

Make: Tula Arsenal, Russia

Model: SVT 40 (Tokarev)

Serial Number: T07019; added by the importer. The original serial is HK2598.

Year of Manufacture: 1941

Caliber: 7.62x54R (7.62x54mm Rimmed)

Action Type: Semi Auto, Detachable Magazine

Barrel Length: Approximately 26 3/4 inches to the end of the muzzle device.

Sights / Optics: The front sight is an adjustable, hooded post. The rear sight is a U notched sliding escalator. The top edges of the receiver are slotted to accept a scope base.

Stock Configuration & Condition: The two piece hardwood stock has a pistol grip, finger grooves, ventilated handguard, ventilated metal nose caps, hole for the included cleaning rod, through bolt, 2 sling loops, and a metal buttplate. The buttplate has been touched up with black paint. The right side of the forearm shows a 4 inch edge repair. The wood shows several scrapes & scratches. The LOP measures 13 1/4 from the front of the trigger to the back of the buttplate. This stock rates in about Very Good Plus overall condition, as refurbished.

Type of Finish: Blue

Finish Originality: Original to Arsenal Rebuild

Bore Condition: The grooves are dark and the rifling is well defined. There is erosion in the bore, mostly in the grooves. In this writer’s opinion, this bore rates 6 out of 10.

Many military and C&R eligible weapons have bores that will show erosion. This is not only due to age but to the fact that corrosive primers were commonly used in ammunition worldwide. For example, the U.S. used corrosive ammunition throughout WWII. The U.S. military did not begin to phase out corrosive-primed ammunition until the 1950s.

Overall Condition: This rifle retains about 96% of its metal finish. Surface erosion shows through the new finish. The bolt body and handle have a plum color to them. The metal shows scrapes and small scratches. The top cover shows light discoloration. Most of the markings are well defined. The action shows operational wear. Overall, this rifle rates in about Very Good Plus condition.

Mechanics: The action functions correctly. We did not fire this firearm. As with all used firearms, a thorough cleaning may be necessary to meet your maintenance requirements.

Box, Paperwork & Accessories: The rifle has a canvas & leather sling attached. It also comes with a 10 round magazine that appears to function correctly.

Our Assessment: The SVT-40  was used by the Soviet Union during World War II and in the post-war years. The SVT-40, also known as the Tokarev self-loading rifle, was designed by Fedor Tokarev and developed in the late 1930s. It was intended to replace the bolt-action Mosin-Nagant rifles used by the Soviet military at the time. The SVT-40 is a gas-operated, semi-automatic rifle. It uses a short-stroke gas piston system, where gas from fired cartridges is tapped off through a port in the barrel to cycle the action. The rifle fires from a detachable 10-round box magazine and chambers the 7.62x54mmR cartridge.
The SVT-40 was officially adopted by the Soviet Union in 1938 and saw extensive use during World War II. However, it was gradually replaced by the more reliable and simpler-to-produce AK-47 in the 1950s. The total production numbers for the SVT-40 are estimated to be around 1.6 million rifles.

This Russian SVT 40 was made in 1941 at the Tula Arsenal. It is in Very Good Plus overall condition. This rifle has been rebuilt and looks impressive for a WWII era service rifle. Many of the markings on the metal are well defined and the bore can still put rounds down range as fast as you can pull the trigger. The markings include matching numbers on the receiver, trigger guard, bolt handle, bottom of the bolt, and stock. Many of the numbers were added during the Arsenal Rebuild.

…Now go shoot something!

WWII Russian SVT-40 Tokarev Tula 7.62x54R SVT40 Semi-Automatic Rifle C&R
WWII Russian SVT-40 Tokarev Tula 7.62x54R SVT40 Semi-Automatic Rifle C&R