Fabrique Nationale FN Browning 1900 like Remington Model 8 35 Cal Rifle C&R

SOLD FOR: $2900

LSB#: 230121RC015

Make: Fabrique Nationale, FN

Model: 1900

Serial Number: 3498

Year of Manufacture: 1910-1929

Caliber: 9mm FN, interchangeable with .35 Remington

Action Type: Long-Recoil, Fixed Magazine Fed, Semi-Automatic Rifle

Markings: The bottom of the receiver is marked with the serial number. The bolt is marked with Belgian proofs. The left side of the receiver is marked “FABRIQUE NATIONALE D’ARMES DE GUERRE HESTAL BELIGIQUE. / BROWNING’S PATENT DEPOSE.”. The right side of the receiver has Belgian proofs. The base of the barrel jacket, under the forend, is matched and marked with the serial number. The forend is marked with the serial number.

Barrel Length: 22”, Ribbed

Sights / Optics: The front sight is a beaded blade dovetailed into the rib. The rear sight is a “U” notched two-position folding sight dovetailed into the barrel rib.

Stock Configuration & Condition: The stocks are two-piece checkered walnut with a rounded pistol grip, straight comb, and bone FN Browning shotgun-style buttplate. There is a thin crack at the rear of the top tang. There is s small chip loss on the right side of the wrist at the top corner. There are some scattered light compressions, draglines, and a few marks through the finish. The LOP measures approximately 14” from the front of the trigger to the back of the buttplate. The plate has a tiny hole at the toe and another at the heel. There is a crack at the heel. There are some scattered light to moderate marks. Overall, the stocks are in about Very Good condition.

Type of Finish: 

Finish Originality: Refinished

Bore Condition: The bore is dark and the rifling is strong and well-defined but has rounded edges. There is erosion and pitting scattered throughout the bore. There are some areas of scabbing. In my opinion, this bore is a 3 out of 10.

Overall Condition:
 This rifle retains about 80% of its metal finish. The finish appears to have been done long ago, there are a few spots of erosion under the finish. The markings and serrations are very well preserved. There are some dings in the metal on the rear of the receiver. There are some scattered nicks, dings, and scratches. There are areas of finish wear on the edges. The fixed magazine has mottled thinning and discoloration from previous oxidation. There are some other areas of mottled patina and thinning. There are some scattered spots of discoloration from previous oxidation. There is a dent on the barrel jackets left side in front of the sling mount. There are some scattered handling marks. There are operational marks. The screw heads range from sharp to tool-marked with strong slots. The markings are clear. Overall, this rifle is in about Very Good condition.

Mechanics: The action functions correctly. We did not fire this rifle. As with all used firearms, a thorough cleaning may be necessary to meet your maintenance standards.

Box, Paperwork & Accessories: None.

Our Assessment: The Remington Model 8 and FN 1900 rifles were the brainchild of John Moses Browning. Originally patented in 1900, the design was the first successful high-powered semi-auto rifle made, and it is no surprise the great J.M.B. was the designer. While Remington built the U.S. market version, Browning contracted with FN to build the European market model 1900s as he already had a good relationship with the firm who already produced many of his designs. The rifle is long-recoil operated and feeds from a fixed magazine. The Remington Model 8 was chambered in four different Remington rimless cartridges, they were the .25, .30, .32, and .35 Remington while the FN produced variant was only made in 9mm FN which for all intents and purposes is .35 Remington.

The 1900 models were offered starting in 1911 by FN retailers and were available as late as 1931-1932. Some believe that the rifles were mostly all built before the outbreak of WWI but there may have been a small parts clean-up run in the years following. FN only produced 4,913 of these rifles and they were never officially imported into the United States, there was really no reason to do so when Remingotn was selling the model 8. Considering the price of the 1900 was also $17 dollars more than a Grade III Model 8, it was a wise business decision to not spend the time or money importing them when Americans could get, effectively, the same gun with a different roll mark.

Compared to its sibling made by Remington, the FN model has a few differences, namely the markings, the more elegant looking bolt knob, the lower tang locking screw, and most have a rib. This is a later model with proofs on the right and it has the rib with a two position rear sight. It looks nice and has strong mechanics. These rarely come around, so why not make number 3498 of 4913 a member of your growing collection? I would sure love to! This is a historic rifle produced by an iconic firm and designed by a true legend. Please see our photos and good luck!

Some are hot, some are not, but thankfully most can be shot!

Fabrique Nationale FN Browning 1900 like Remington Model 8 35 Cal Rifle C&R
Fabrique Nationale FN Browning 1900 like Remington Model 8 35 Cal Rifle C&R