Winchester 1894 James Arness Tribute 30-30 197 of 250 Gold Lever Rifle 2019

Sold for $3366.75

The following information was taken from the America Remembers website: “Few Western stars stand as tall and impressive as James Arness, one of the most recognized and beloved actors from the Golden era of television and motion picture Westerns.  For many Western enthusiasts, James Arness is best remembered for his role as Marshal Matt Dillon from Gunsmoke, the longest running dramatic series in television history.  Standing an imposing 6 feet 7 inches, Arness was the big lawman with a big heart. Arness’ work garnered him many awards and recognitions.  He was designated an honorary U.S. Marshal on two occasions, was nominated for three Emmy Awards, and has been inducted into the Cowboy Hall of Fame in Oklahoma City.  Today, millions of Americans still fondly recall the golden era of the Westerns, and James Arness remains a favorite of fans around the world. Today, we are proud to honor one of America’s favorite Western actors with The James Arness Tribute Rifle. Left side of receiver features three magnificent images of James Arness, capturing in remarkable detail one of America’s favorite western personalities.  Featured in the center is a dramatic portrait of James Arness, with his familiar smile – a smile of trust and warmth that established a special relationship with all his fans.  A banner surrounding the image reads “James Arness Tribute.”  To the left, a rugged image of Arness, the frontiersman, is featured.  To the right, Arness is shown in a relaxed pose.  All artwork on the receiver is featured in an elegant combination of 24-karat gold and nickel, with a special blackened patinated background to accentuate the artwork. Right side of receiver features James Arness on horseback, a familiar role for the lawmen of the Old West.  Every cowboy depended on his horse, and for many cowboys, his horse was a constant companion and trusted friend.  To the left is an image of Arness kneeling with his rifle at the ready, prepared for any danger.  In the center of the artwork you’ll find James Arness’ signature in gold, along with the title of the Tribute.  In the tradition of the finest presentation firearms, elegant scrollwork in nickel frames the artwork, adding additional elegance to this handsome Tribute.” This rifle is a true thing of beauty with its eye-catching nickel accents and gold plating. For the true Winchester and Western picture enthusiasts, this rifle, which commemorates a decorated Western picture legend, belongs in your collection.