Sig Sauer Model P-320 P320 P 320 AXG Classic 9mm Semi-Auto Pistol, MFD 2021

Sold for $2197.20

As stated by Somarriba “Ever since the release of the P320 and the military’s adoption of the M18/M17, the P320 platform has made its way across the nation and established itself as a household name. Now SIG has recently come out with their AXG (Alloy XSeries Grip) Series which offers their fan base the opportunity to shoot the P320 in an all metal frame and slide. The AXG Classic looks absolutely gorgeous right out-of-the-box with its checkered walnut grips. It is safe to say that SIG did an excellent job in creating an all-metal P320 with the results being a seamless, feature-packed gun that shoots remarkably well.” This handgun looks like it only visited the range a few times and rates in Excellent condition. The P320 AXG Classic will be great for just about anything you can ask of a semi-auto pistol.